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We help to create
strategies, design & development.


Brand Strategy Sprints

Our brand strategy workshops are your backstage pass to crafting insightful stories.

Let’s rev up your brand together!


Fueling Business Growth

Our approach amplifies your success, enhances your reach, and optimizes every touchpoint to drive business growth. Let’s work together to scale your success.


Crafting Visual Magic

Our creative journey begins with a deep dive into your brand’s soul, forging a visual identity that authentically reflects it. We embark on a storytelling adventure to breathe life into your brand’s narrative.


Strategic Branding Studio With Vibrant Imagination.

Fueling Brand Magic with a Splash of Creativity

“Step inside our Strategic Branding Studio, we’re an electric mix of artistry and strategy. With vivid imagination as our driving force, we take your brand to exhilarating heights. Our mission? To ignite your brand’s potential like never before. Join us on this journey to explore your brand’s identity, where fresh, dynamic, and thrilling possibilities await.

Let’s redefine your brand together.”

BlueLemon creative & strategy team

Your allies in crafting brilliance

Our team

Meet the team.

  • Elton Yau
    Managing Director

  • Elton Yau
  • Rosa
    Creative Parter

  • Rosa
  • Tracy Ho
    Senior Digital Marketing Executive

  • Tracy Ho
  • Sabrina Chan
    Marketing Executive

  • Sabrina Chan
  • Kosala
    Senior Art Director

  • Kosala
  • Pawan
    Graphic Designer

  • Pawan
  • Dennis Lee
    Multimedia Designer

  • Dennis Lee
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