Zypr: Redefining
Sportswear in Hong

Born from the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, Zypr is revolutionizing the fitness apparel game.

We’ve been trying to reusing a scrapped passion project for something productive (a 100% unofficial concept site).


Brand Strategy,
UX Strategy

UI/UX Design,
Art Direction


Motion Design,


Envato Market


Un-Equal Beyond the Ordinary

At Zypr, we defy convention, pushing the boundaries to create extraordinary sportswear. Our logo, a bold and unmistakable unequal sign, symbolizes our unwavering commitment to the extraordinary.


Where Design Meets Dedication

Our color palette is as fierce as our passion, running through our apparel and igniting oursocial media presence. The moment Zypr hit the scene, you couldn’t help but notice.

What is The conference about

Building the Future of Baby Care

With over three decades of history, EugeneBaby has embraced change. The challenge was clear: reinvent the brand to capture the hearts of a younger audience. This project evolved seamlessly, covering research, branding, ecommerce, and marketing. We used focus group insights to craft narratives that resonate with the younger generation.

“I’ve been building WordPress sites for 10 years and this is the best theme I’ve found so far. Already bought 3 licenses and just adore the ease of use and design quality.”


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The tech world

The Spirit of Hong Kong's National Soccer Team

We’re proud to be the official fitness wear brand of he Hong Kong National Team, making waves internationally.



Special Start-up Package

  • Specifically designed for young start-ups
  • Applicable to companies established within a
    specific time frame and revenue range
  • Includes free consultation
  • Offers discounts on design services

Review Consultation

  • Regular reviews to ensure alignment and effectiveness

Brand Activation

  • Detailed consultation report
  • Engaging campaign planning
  • Activation review and optimization
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