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Imagine stepping into a world where enchantment and elegance meet to create an upmarket baby store like no other. Our vision for this extraordinary retail experience is inspired by the whimsical charm of Willy Wonka’s Magical World, translated into a modern and stylish haven for discerning parents and their little ones.

Redefining Baby Retail as an Upscale Experience.


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We’re changing the way people think of baby stores.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of Willy Wonka’s factory, our upmarket baby store is designed to captivate the imagination of visitors, transforming their shopping journey into a magical adventure. Every corner of the store is thoughtfully curated to evoke wonder and excitement, just like stepping into a storybook.


Redefining Baby Retail as an Upscale Experience.

In the bustling retail landscape of Hong Kong, the challenge of redefining baby retail as a luxurious experience stands out. Limited physical space has businesses seeking innovative solutions to create upscale environments, while intense competition requires a distinctive appeal. Achieving this redefined experience while managing high rent costs remains a top concern.

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Building the Future of Baby Care

With over three decades of history, EugeneBaby has embraced change. The challenge was clear: reinvent the brand to capture the hearts of a younger audience. This project evolved seamlessly, covering research, branding, ecommerce, and marketing. We used focus group insights to craft narratives that resonate with the younger generation.

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