EugeneBaby: A
Timeless Brand for a
New Generation

EugeneBaby, a household name in baby products for three decades, embarked on a journey of transformation. Our challenge was to not only rejuvenate their brand image but also create an online platform that resonates with a younger audience. Through research, branding, ecommerce, and marketing, we breathed new life into the brand, and the results speak for themselves.

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Envato Market


From Tradition to Innovation: EugeneBaby's Digital Evolution

EugeneBaby’s evolution was more than a brand facelift; it was a holistic transformation. Our project seamlessly incorporated research, branding, ecommerce, and marketing. Using insights from focus groups, our creative team crafted compelling stories that connected with a younger audience, redefining the brand’s identity.


Educational E-commerce

In the pursuit of rejuvenation, we did more than redesign a brand; we created an engaging educational platform. Transitioning from a traditional retail store to an online hub for learning and shopping, EugeneBaby found a unique spot in the market. This transformation not only set them apart but also connected them with their audience on a deeper level.

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Building the Future of Baby Care

With over three decades of history, EugeneBaby has embraced change. The challenge was clear: reinvent the brand to capture the hearts of a younger audience. This project evolved seamlessly, covering research, branding, ecommerce, and marketing. We used focus group insights to craft narratives that resonate with the younger generation.

“I’ve been building WordPress sites for 10 years and this is the best theme I’ve found so far. Already bought 3 licenses and just adore the ease of use and design quality.”


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Keeping EugeneBaby Fresh

The transformation didn’t stop after the initial project. We continue to support EugeneBaby by maintaining their ecommerce website and creating online content and marketing strategies. Our partnership endures as we work together to keep the brand fresh and appealing to the ever-changing audience.



Brand Activation

  • Detailed consultation report
  • Engaging campaign planning
  • Activation review and optimization

Rebranding Services

  • Thorough consultation report
  • Effective rebranding strategy
  • Successful rebranding launch
  • Rebranding review and refinement

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  • Business cycle assessment
  • Industry analysis
  • Goal and objective setting
  • Initial roadmap development
  • Comprehensive consultation report
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